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Markets we trade

Used trading style, financial resources, location and hour, when person trades can play a role in which markets will be best suited for that person. As much as some of these markets may be unfamiliar, we will look at two general groups of traders and how they could use other markets to improve their trade. It is important to be aware of such alternatives as thet can provide some fine tuning that can produce better results in the long run.


The stock market has a huge advantage for trading. The work of our company is speculative and aimed at making a profit. Thanks to StockFX, you will have the opportunity to trade stocks without difficulty, including large and small capitalization. StockFX will trade stocks pegged to multiple currencies.


The forex market is a large-scale market. The movement of currencies on Forex obeys a number of patterns: economic and statistical in nature. Over a long period of time, these patterns can be traced in order to use them in trade for profit.


Each economically developed country has one or more financial indices. This index can be defined as an investment portfolio, the principle of which involves protection from financial losses. The index consists of stocks and reflects their capitalization.


Agricultural commodities, as well as raw materials, including oil and gas, can serve as products to be exchanged for StockFX. Among them are also industrial metals and precious metals. Due to this, traders can receive a stable and good income from the number of products sold.

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