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Choose your personal account

StockFX offers a range of different accounts to meet the needs of traders. If you want to open a live account or a demo account, you will find complete flexibility in trading using Beginner Account ($ 250), Trader-Medium Account ($ 1000), Progressing Trader ($ 5000) and VIP Account ($ 10000).

We will help you become the best trader. Do not miss your chance!

Who we are?

StockFX is professional broker that provides easy access to trading both for beginning and professional traders !

What we do?

We create a comfortable environment for our clients in the form of modern trading platforms, customer support relevant analytics, opportunities for education to provide them with highly profitable trades.

Why you should choose us?

With StockFX you can get best trading experience and opportunities to invest!

Traders around the world
Million annual profit

Great service for beginners

Ample opportunities

24/7 support

Best selling accounts

Great trading opportunities

Variety of account types for every bugdget

Comfortable trading instruments

Individual support of every client

Opportunity to earn more


Available in 9 currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD and etc.

Deposit bonus of up to 25%

Trading is carried out in micro-lots

All trading signals are free for 1 week

1 trading signal per day



All tools are available

Trading is carried out by micro-lots

Fixed and floating spreads up to 75%

Advanced risk control technique

Account insurance - 75%

Personal VIP investment analyst

VIP signals for the entire duration of the account


Trading Platform

StockFX gives opportunity to trade with one of the most common trading platform Status (Status). The platform is designed for online trading in the Forex market. Status is used by millions of traders around the world. It is characterized by ease of navigation and well-structed interface

Why we choose Status

Suitable for traders with any experience

Plenty trading opportunities

One of the most popular and common tool used by millions of traders around the world.


Guaranteed financial safety

Collaboration with major banks

Risk management

Negative balance protection

Markets you can trade


Forex is a world famous large-scale market.It gives the opportunity to make good money with financial instruments. The next positive fact about the Forex market is its liquidity, when the purchase and sale of assets are not subject to difficulties.

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The stock market is one of the best markets for profit. We provide the ability to trade multiple stocks pegged to multiple currencies. Thanks to StockFX, you will have the opportunity to trade stocks without difficulty, including large and small capitalization

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StockFX enables each client to trade certain products. Among commodities can be listed raw-materials, agricultural products, industrial metals and precious metals. Due to this, traders can receive a stable and good income from the number of products sold.

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An index is defined as an investment portfolio or a portfolio of securities that functions to protect against financial losses. The changes of the values of the index shows the capitalization of the individual shares of which it is composed.

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